La Sala International School Welcome

Welcome to La Sala International School, a place of fun, teamwork, integrity and commitment.
We highly value the concept of education and that is why we believe that educating is much more than a mere list of notions to teach! In a society where knowledge has turned out to be the only way to make a difference, investing in our children’s education has become essential and fundamental.
Our belief is based on the idea that knowledge means freedom and is capable of making our young generations better adults one day.
We encourage our students to be curious and creative. We want to prepare them to face the challenges of the future through adequate training programs. Our school helps every child to express his/her full potentiality in all areas of the school and non-school life:

Effective education

Learning through a well-advanced methodology supported by periodic evaluations.

Projects' achievement

Projects related to themes such as legality, hospitality, science and health, integration.


Transparency of choices with our P.T.O.F. plan.

Our school

Educational and environmental issues.

Customised opportunities

Personalized learning opportunities to achieve the ministerial educational goals.

Supplementary lessons

Foreign languages afternoon courses.

Wide range of languages

European languages: Italian and English.

Extended school time

Extra curricular school hours for sports and laboratory activities.

We believe in a school that looks at the world and opens its doors to become a place of cultural exchange and better knowledge of the context where it exists. Thus the school becomes a permanent stimulus able to teach our kids how to make choices and cope with life.