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The Montessori nursery is designed not only to meet the needs of each child but also to stimulate the sensory-motor, communication and emotional systems that are critical during this stage of their development.

The nursery activities are held in specialised areas where everything from the environment to the highly trained staff, is designed to assist children. The space and educational materials that we have at the nursery are scientifically based and professionally prepared in order to guarantee each child’s movement, autonomy and independence and to stimulate the senses through leisure activities. The atmosphere is cosy, warm and serene – fundamental elements that are indispensable to each child’s growth.



La Sala International School encourages its students to explore, experiment and ask questions about the world surrounding us.

The kindergarten course includes one teacher and a class assistant as well as an expansive collaboration between teachers and other professional members who offer a variety of specialised activities such as reading, singing, art and crafts, physical education and languages taught by a native speaker. Our goal is for each child to achieve autonomy and self-awareness at a pace appropriate to their developmental stage. The material used is designed to develop sensory perception and children are encouraged to find the answer to their questions in a tailor-made environment.

Parents and families are encouraged to take an active part in their children’s learning process.


Elementary School

We thoroughly follow the Elementary School Program designed by the Italian Ministry of Education. All the materials used, and all the didactic activities are student-centred. All the educational staff are highly qualified teachers who keep improving and developing professional in accordance with the standards set out by the Ministry.

Further, we strive to promote and instil good values among our students: a good relation among the classmates will enable each student to acquire and develop self-awareness, responsibility, civic-awareness and a strong sense of belonging.

Our students learn through the activity-based methodology and are encouraged to think critically.

Dialogue and approaching problem solving are promoted.