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Educational Programme 2019-2022

Piano dell’offerta formativa triennale PTOF 2019-2022

  • Extended school hours: Monday – Friday from 7.30 to 17.30
  • Closed Saturday
  • Daily lunch service
  • ICT Lab
  • Orientation activities
  • Bilingual projects
  • Native English-speaking teachers
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Science Lab
  • Cultural field trips to support the extra-curricular activities

Beyond the Curriculum:

  • Open Labs
  • Learning support
  • Charity events
  • Language Certification
  • Outdoor activities and sports tournaments


The Bilingual Project

Our project aims to combine our Italian culture with the importance of learning the English language. We provide programmes and teaching methodologies at an international standard.

Nowadays, additional languages can be easily learned from an early age in a natural and spontaneous way.

The Bilingual school provides a leading didactic approach broadening educational pathways and future opportunities.

The teaching staff is comprised of teachers who are able to develop and stimulate student skills through lessons carried out in English together with Italian teachers.

Students will reach personal excellence, while a the same time joining a generation of “digital citizens”.


Labs and Projects

The school offers a wide range of projects and labs available to children on a daily basis.

Plan your Future.
These projects let students apply critical thinking which helps them to develop problem-solving skills by improving their logical thinking and overall capacity to solve problems.

Joy Centre by Amy Zier
The collaboration with the Joy Centre comes from the desire to create a project that supports each child’s education while also improving teachers’ professional skills through collaborating with specialized therapists.

Orrf-Schulwerk Music Lab
Music is particularly important to the development of children’s cognitive and relational skills.

The Orrf-Schulwerk methodology allows children to freely express their personality and build a positive attitude towards each other.

Mi Illumino di meno
This one-day event aims to remind the kids of the importance of reducing energy consumption through the correct use of lights and electronic devices.

Educational Garden
For our little gardeners it is very important to learn how to take care of plants, vegetables and fruit during their growth. Through this, they develop the concept of caring and a sense of responsibility.


Integration as an education

OOur school promotes a positive attitude among children regardless of their race, culture or nationality.

Article 3 of our Constitution guarantees equality among all citizens. To us, this means ensuring that suitable learning activities are planned to satisfy the educational potential of each and every student.

Therefore, all parts of our school – the nursery, kindergarten and primary school – offer a flexible and consistent learning programme with tailor-made learning objectives.


Family-School Link

The relationship with the family has a fundamental role in the education of a child.

This relationship expresses itself through reciprocity and support on both sides.

Teachers and parents will periodically meet to discuss the child’s goals and achievements and will cooperate and support each other.

Each member of the teaching staff will have a meeting schedule available to parents.