Our students’ health is our priority!

Here at La Sala Schoo we are working to start the school in September.

Our students, parents, teaching and staff members’s health is our priority.

Herewith the rules set by the School.

All rooms are spacious and have big windows.

The School extends on a wide grassed area where lessons, sports and recreational activities will be held.

Bigger group of students will use the biggest rooms available

Students and staff members’ hands will be sanitized with hand-sanitizer; parent’s are not allowed to wait in the hall to avoid crowd at the entrance; parents can book an appointment to contact teachers.

All the classrooms, toys, rugs will be sanitized.

Each classroom will be equipped with hand- sanitizer and soap.

All desks will be placed apart according to the Ministerial regulation; books and notebook will be placed under each desks; coats will be hanged on the chair. Teachers’ desk is placed 2 meters apart from the students’ desk. Toilet will be sanitized after each use.

Air supply will be enhanced to minimize the bacterial load of the air.

All Nursery classes will be constantly sanitized, desks, chairs, books, tools. Children are not allowed to bring their own toys, nor books from home. Toilets will be sanitized after each use.

In case of temperature, cough, conjunctivitis or gastrointestinal disorders children must stay home. In case a student will develop these symptoms at school, he or she will be isolated waiting to be picked up.

Then, parents must evaluate the situation with their GP and inform the School after.