Learning to play golf at school, while discovering the values of an educational and engaging sport.

With “Golf a Scuola”, one of the main objectives of the Ryder Cup 2023 Project becomes a reality, thus showing the commitment of the Italian Golf Federation to encourage young people to be the driving force of the entire movement.

The Project, developed for the third, fourth and fifth primary years of La Sala International School, aims to introduce the sport of golf to young children by focusing on its main benefits: the importance of movement, contact with nature, socialization, fair play, and, of course, fun.

Golf, in addition to being a physical activity, represents an excellent educational experience for children. It has the power to teach positive sporting values, prevent youth anxiety and various forms of bullying, and promote – thanks to the involvement of families – a culture of respect, integration, and inclusion especially for children with disabilities.

Thanks to the collaboration with the FIG Regional Committees and Delegations, children will become more familiar with golfing equipment while practicing on the field with experienced instructors, thus taking all the steps to become golfers.

In fact, during the school year, the pupils of the “Golf a Scuola” Project will have the opportunity to play for free at the Volturno Golf facility.

Moreover, a free FIG “School Project” membership will be available for all students, and teachers participating in the Project.