Civic education is back at school!

Civic education is back at La Sala

Starting this academic year our students’ curricula will be implemented with a new subject area: Civic Education, which becomes a new whole topic with its own final grade on each student’s report card. 

The Italian Government have decided to integrate and change the curricula of any type of school and grade whatsoever, in order to educate to active citizenship and allow the citizens of tomorrow to grow. As a matter of fact, ministerial decrees establish that, starting from Pre-school kids are gradually introduced to the education to citizenship throughout initiatives that bring awareness and personal responsibility. 

Civic education will be divided into three main concepts:


Sustainable development

Digital Citizenship

Studying the Italian Constitution means students will approach to the foundation of our freedom, rights and duties.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss fundamental themes such as health education,environment safeguard,respect towards animals and common goods.

By digital citizenship,we will help our students develop their digital skills,and become aware of the strength of virtual communication. 

Being good citizens is the foundation of a strong society and it is fundamental to start at early ages. 

We hope you have a positive and interesting introduction to Civic Education!