The blackbird’s days

20th,30th and 31st of January are the coldest days of the year.
Mr Winter,turns into ice everything he sees!
Meanwhile,every kid enjoys their home’s heat. 
Outside little animals are cheerful and they sleep in their tiny nests.
There’s no one around!
You spot far away,a family of cold,tired and white blackbirds.
Dad Merlo is looking for a secret shelter,he finds from up in the sky a nice place: beyond the wall there was a smokey and safe chimney. Dad Merlo leaves his family there and then back in the sky he flies. He’s looking for something good to eat: his kids he must feed!
He picks up food from all around,there are still three days to go!
When he goes back to the nest,he finds out something has changed: it is now everything black and burnt!
The chimney is now covered in soot! 
Dad Merlo is now laughing out loud,all that matters now is to get through these colds days. Sunrays will be soon back and they will fly off to a new adventure!